I am trying to make resources of online materials from people sharing their own ups and downs of doing a PhD, selecting those which seem to me as relevant to the PhD student experience.

👉 YouTube Channels and Videos for PhD Student

I remember how I randomly came across some of these videos during my PhD studies and how it made me feel a little bit better :) Thus I hope you can also find some inspiration from these PhD students’ vlogs and videos, from these TED talks or from these music video clip parodies.

👉 Instagram # and @ for PhD students

Interesting hashtags # and people @ to follow on Instagram to brighten your days :) Fill your stream with motivational posts, writing & communication tips, academic humor, and read other people’s stories to reflect back on your own PhD life.

👉 Twitter @ and # for PhD Students

Interesting hashtags # and people @ to follow on Twitter to stay on top of academic news, to take part in this fast-paced community, to learn about others’ difficulties and share your own, to get tips from academic writing to self-organization, project management, and coping strategies.