Hi, I'm Pauline 🇫🇷, I started this blog in July 2018 to discuss what helped me during my PhD in the hope to help other students :) I'm French and completed my PhD in Switzerland 🇨🇭, to know more about me, have a look at the About page.

I am writing about PhD students' #mental health and about #soft skills (transferable skills) because for me these two subjects are partly overlapping. More about that in my first blog post: How a doctoral program saved my PhD.

I've been writing about project management applied to academia, and made a resource to provide an overview of different tools available.

I like summarizing and organizing information, have a look at my other resources on social media, and if you're in Switzerland, make sure to check out this article about graduate centers and soft skills programs in Swiss Universities 🇨🇭

You might also be interested in my Highlights of a review about the PhD experience (Sverdlik et al., 2018). This is my most successful blog post with over 6.000 views within 24 hours.



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