Inspired by Verity Elston who first initiated such a resource on her former website (

Last year I was looking for jobs and had built my own list of favorite websites. Now I thought it could be nice to combine it with Verity’s resource to make a new one! :)

Mixing websites for non-academic and academic jobs, specific and less-specific to Switzerland too.

This resource does not pretend to be exhaustive; also it’s a bit biased towards STEM, after all, I’m a biologist ;) 🧬 Some, like the confederation websites, does not come in ENglish.


1.    Websites specific for Switzerland and adapted to PhD level  Select for Swiss regions and filters for categories or types of jobs. Not specific for PhD holders but many high-level jobs, you can also upload a CV to be visible to employers, and can get counseling support. also for Europe and beyond. Pharma / Biotech / / MedTech jobs in Switzerland and Germany. “The career portal for Engineers, IT, Physicians & Scientists.”


The Swiss Federal Administration: Professor, postdoc, technician, manager and other scientists positions are usually advertised here on top of the university or company website. Browsing through this website is also a nice way to learn about the many job types within the Swiss Confederation.

Swissuniversities “The umbrella organisation of the Swiss universities”

Innosuisse the Swiss Innovation Agency from the Confederation.

Each swiss university and higher education institution has its own job portal. From the European University Institute’s website, here an almost-exhaustive list of Swiss universities with direct link to their job portals.

If you are looking for information about grants in Switzerland, I wrote about it here.


2.    Websites specific for Switzerland but *not* specific for PhD holders (only DE) (only DE, FR) (mainly DE) (only DE, FR, IT) it aggregates results from other platforms

Non-profit, non-governmental, humanitarian and other international organizations:


3.    Non-Swiss specific websites but specific for academic positions

Here just a few suggestions:


Hoping this resource can help finishing-PhD candidates and other Early Career Researchers in Switzerland to find suitable jobs, thanks for reading this post today! :) My pro tip: make your own list for easy clicking-and-browsing websites every week; job hunting is a pain, making it easier for yourself! Also, well… you know, networking does help a lot in finding good opportunities, but that would be the subject of another full blog post!

A final word:

If you are unemployed in Switzerland, you may want to have a look at the BNF program which can help to find “internships” covered by the unemployment insurance (chômage)

BNF is active throughout Switzerland and has 20 years of experience in supporting academics. We assist highly qualified specialists at career crossroads through personal counseling, fostering professional networks and focussed training so that they can successfully place their professional know-how and skills in the job market.”


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