I compiled a resource about project management for PhD students and supervisors, or for any academics in general. It is an attempt to help academics to understand what the underlying principles of project management are and how it is relevant to academia, and secondly to get an overview of different tools available to help students and supervisors to work together on a project.

In the resource you will find links and excerpts from other interesting blog posts, whenever possible I selected those giving concrete advice on how to implement project management in research, and I also looked for free ready-to-use templates.


  • Gantt charts for PhD students, introduction and guidelines to create your PhD timeline

Among all project management techniques, Gantt charts is one that we often hear in academia. I was myself introduced to this technique early on in my PhD, but I failed to use it properly. Therefore in two detailed blog posts, I reflected about this technique and I tried to provide my best advice on how to use it. In particular in my second blog post, I provide a free downloadable template to create your own PhD timeline as a Gantt chart with clear guidelines.

  1. Are Gantt charts useful for PhD students?
  2. Guidelines to draw a timeline of your PhD


Many PhD students feel lost and anxious because of a lack of communication with their supervisor and with their department about what is expected from them. Showing openness to such discussion as early as possible will encourage students to ask what bothers them early on instead of developing anxiety about it.

Here I provide a checklist of questions to ask if you’re a PhD student, or points to clarify with your student if you’re a supervisor. This includes points like how many years, meeting frequency with supervisor, formalities, collaborations, and more.