In my previous article, I was recommending a few key websites to explore funding opportunities for academic careers in Switzerland. Now let’s have a wider look at useful websites on the European and international level and for both academic and non-academic careers. 👍


Non-academic careers Only

  • Cheeky Scientist, CV guide and webinars

Here the website.

Actually, this one is more US-influenced rather than European, but still a good website to know about.

For STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and also Social sciences.

When subscribing for free by giving your email address, you will be able to download (for free) a “Complete Industry Resume Guide For PhDs.” For more French-speaking readers, “resume” here means CV.

I know we often fill chilled to register to a website to get access to special contents of unknown quality. Well, here I can recommend to do so. This industry resume guide is full of good tips and is well adapted to PhD holders who would like to transition to industry. For example, with tips on how to translate academic experience and skills with the soft skills and business-style language industries like to see.

This can be a first easy and free step towards your search for a non-academic job. I haven’t been further myself, but if you’re interested and ready to invest a bit of money, this website offers much more, like webinars, lots of content, and a community.


Both academic and non-academic careers

  • Career Blog from the EMBL (Life Sciences)

Here the website.

I recently came across this blog of the EMBL, in particular they currently have 4 very good articles with tips for CV/resume writing.

“A life science careers blog for early career researchers”

“This blog aims to inspire early career researchers exploring different career options. We provide interview-based profiles of life scientists working in diverse science-related careers and articles on a broad range of career-related topics, with new content added on a regular basis.”

Here towards the “job applications” category with the 4 blog posts on writing CVs and job applications.

For example, they conducted a survey about which information to include or exclude in a CV depending on the country where one is applying, with a nice 1-page-PDF visually summarizing the results. Indeed, in some countries you better have a photo and your date of birth, while in others you better avoid putting in this “very personal” information!

  • EURAXESS, European researchers network

Here the website.

“EURAXESS – Researchers in Motion is a unique pan-European initiative delivering information and support services to professional researchers. Backed by the European Union, member states and associated countries, it supports researcher mobility and career development, while enhancing scientific collaboration between Europe and the world.”

Here you can create a profile with your CV and explore their job portal with lots of academic position advertised but also some non-academic jobs. You can also explore their resources about funding or on how to develop soft skills. There are also National Portals for 40 countries (including Switzerland) to find country-specific information on questions like accommodation or visa & entry conditions.

Definitely a good website to explore if you’re a researcher in Europe, no matter your career considerations!

  • Research Identity, a European research project

Here the website.

It looks to me like this website comes from a research project which is still in its early steps, but which seems very promising! Co-funded by the Erasmus European Program and many universities.

“The RID-SSISS project aims not only at helping Early Career Researchers (ECRs), that is doctoral students and postdocs, to develop as researchers. It also seeks to provide them with the educational resources for acquiring the high-level competences and skills they need to act as researchers in a complex, highly competitive and interdisciplinary context. Such context calls for a new conceptualization of research and a new researcher profile. The RID-SSISS aims to contribute in this direction through the design, implementation and dissemination of training and resources.”

👉 For one of their projects, they collected testimonies from ECRs over a few years to record their personal career reflections and decisions. You can explore these career timelines by reading the people testimonies on this part of the website.

I find it quite interesting to read these people’s stories, commenting on both their personal lives, work experiences and career thinking, sharing their struggles and doubts.

  • Beyond the Professoriate, community and webinars

Here the website.

From North America but with an international community so again a good website to know about.

Whether you aspire to work on the tenure track or are changing careers entirely after years of academic study, we’re here to help you. We have resources to support individuals and partner with institutions.”

Built by a very small team (mainly two persons, with PhDs) who specialized in helping PhD holders in their career transition, this website has a lot to offer, especially if you’re ready to invest a bit of money. While they first focused on career transitions mainly outside of academia (as you can guess from the name), they now have content for academic careers as well.

They have many webinars like Live Career Seminars and Panels. Or you can register and be part of the online community to help one another in these big career questions, to get access to special contents, and even to get coaching.

Want more?

Check out this long resource of Dr. Jennifer Polk on her website From PhD to Life. Jennifer is a coach for PhD holders and one of the two founders of the Beyond the Professoriate community.


Thanks for having a look at my resource today! I hope these websites will help you in finding the specific information and help you need in your career considerations. :)

Good luck with this and have a look at my other #career resources with a lot of content specific for ECRs in Switzerland! 🇨🇭

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